Piston & Coquillage



The uniqueness of our Pistons et Coquillages scarf will make you smile. It is made from chic colours and has an original graphic design combining the universe of the sea and mechanics.

Made In France
Made in France.
Bleu marineBleu marine
68×68 cm
Night blue and tangerine
100% silk
Bourdon stitch finish

Made in France

Item made in France, a hallmark of quality and creativity

Sellerie Georges offers a line of pure silk square scarves, made In Lyon, France and inspired by the early days of aviation or by the world of vintage motorcycles.

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Product details
Size: 68×68 cm
Color: Night blue and tangerine
Finishing: 100% silk
Bourdon stitch finish


With its understated and sleek design, our luggage range is inspired by the equipment of the 1940’s to the 1960’s.

Our range of accessories results from the know-how of the best Haute Couture craftsmen. Feel the quality. Waterproofed to accompany you everywhere all year long, our leathers are also carefully lined and sewn. Experience the “Made in France".

Our products tell both our story and yours. Let our luggage collection grow alongside you and acquire a patina over the course of your travels and adventures. They will be a reflection of your experiences and your desires. And much more. While leather is an integral part of our story, today we also offer new materials and some wonderful new arrivals: textile is making an entrance in the Sellerie Georges collection.

Unique. Each piece manufactured by Sellerie Georges is carefully crafted and honed. From cut to assembly, tanning and polishing (for our leather items), a full day’s work and up to 70 steps are needed to craft a product. Each step is done by hand by an expert craftsman .

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