Renovation of leather upholstery
motorcycle, auto & bike

Expert in restoration and renovation of leather upholstery

Exclusive services offered by our team of craftsmen saddlers

Our team – made up of craftsmen and saddlers renowned for their know-how – allows us to restore and renovate all types of leather upholstery (motorcycles, cars & bicycles). We value high standards and a job well done, meaning we pay particular attention to the positioning of your seams, the tension of your leather and the precision of your product’s assembly.

Entrust us with the restoration or renovation of worn or damaged leather upholstery, and Sellerie Georges will give your upholstery a second life.

Renovation of leather upholstery

Restoring or renovating leather upholstery is much more advantageous than purchasing new equipment. Sellerie Georges is there for you at each stage of your project.

Restoration and renovation of leather upholstery: replacement of seat foams or saddle, repair of your leather interior, change of design, customization of your equipment… For every need and every desire, our team can provide you with a suitable solution.
In order to meet all your requirements, Sellerie Georges offers an exhaustive range of upholstery (color, type of leather), from classic to unique.

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A quality renovation service by your side

Sellerie Georges is involved in the restoration and renovation of leather upholstery (motorcycles, cars & bicycles). We restore, renovate, repair, manufacture or improve any type of leather car interior or bike saddles.

Responsive and attentive to your needs, Sellerie Georges is committed to providing you with an appropriate solution within the shortest time possible. From the very beginning, we have been passionately working on giving your upholstery a second life.
Whether your upholstery renovation project concerns your car, motorcycle or bicycle, our team can replicate your seats, saddle or upholstery, or make any changes your need.

A tailor-made service designed for our customers

The world of leather upholstery renovation is vast. It allows for great possibilities by allowing major space to your creativity. For any specific request, Sellerie Georges provides a truly tailor-made solution! Our team works across many fields and includes all the trades necessary to restore your leather upholstery (saddler, tanner, designer, etc.).

Sellerie Georges combines all the crafts of saddlers and tanners

Expert in the design of leather saddlebags and luggage, Sellerie Georges works with a clientele of professionals and individuals in the automotive, motorcycle and leather goods sectors.

About our leather upholstery

Our leather is double tanned, making it waterproof and supple. It requires no maintenance. Our skins are dyed in the mass for suppleness, strength and waterproofing.
The motorcycle & car leather upholstery is made from full grain cowhide leather and assembled by hand by our saddler craftsman. All our products are made in France.
The cutting, stitching and sewing is done in the traditional way; assembly is done by hand. The leather we use is sourced from France, Spain and Italy. Tanning, crushing and traditional finishing give them these characteristics, thus ensuring the quality of our products.

Renovation of leather upholstery for motorcycles & cars

Would you like to renovate or restore your leather upholstery? Sellerie Georges provides you with the expertise of its craftsmen saddlers to restore your damaged motorcycle saddle or your car interior. Our experts are there for you throughout the renovation process to provide you with the best solution in terms of design and comfort.
Customise your upholstery and make it unique by choosing the style, design and finish or even the fabric.

Design of custom leather bags and luggage

Sellerie Georges designs and manufactures your custom-made leather luggage and saddlebags, personalized according to your wishes (colors, materials, shapes…). Our know-how is based on our craftsmen’s ability to produce items adapted to your needs.